The real value to giving.

W. E. Vine, The Church and the Churches:

Love and devotion to God! That imparts the real value to giving. And this perhaps serves to explain why no command as to the amount is laid down for believers. To obey a command stating the amount or proportion would be easy, but what exercise of heart would there be? Where would the motive lie? Loyalty would be superseded by mechanical religion. Love would be replaced by formalism. Both individuals and local churches would lose their sense of the high motive which should inspire in the offering a loving response to the love of the great Giver Himself. (Fincastle, VA: Scripture Truth Book Company, n.d. .)

Vine was born in 1873. Plymouth Brethren

First Fruits

Often the difference between Tithes and First Fruits are misunderstood.  Actually the whole issue of giving is misunderstood.

Whenever “first fruits” are mentioned in the Bible it is not meaning 10% of your earnings, but rather it is another matter altogether. Actually most believers will be stunned to know that it’s not about money at all!

Dr. Russ Kelly details in a short answer the difference  in the Yahoo Tithing Study Group

Tithes Were Not the Same as First-fruits

“The first-fruit was a very small amount of the first crop harvest and the first-born was the first offspring of animals. The first-fruit was small enough to fit into a hand-held basket (Deut. 26:1-4, 10; Lev. 23:17; Num. 18:13-17; 2 Chron 31:5a). First-fruit and first-born offerings went directly to the Temple and were required to be totally consumed by ministering priests only inside the Temple (Neh. 10:35-37a; Ex. 23:19; 34:26; Deut. 18:4).”

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