The real value to giving.

W. E. Vine, The Church and the Churches:

Love and devotion to God! That imparts the real value to giving. And this perhaps serves to explain why no command as to the amount is laid down for believers. To obey a command stating the amount or proportion would be easy, but what exercise of heart would there be? Where would the motive lie? Loyalty would be superseded by mechanical religion. Love would be replaced by formalism. Both individuals and local churches would lose their sense of the high motive which should inspire in the offering a loving response to the love of the great Giver Himself. (Fincastle, VA: Scripture Truth Book Company, n.d. .)

Vine was born in 1873. Plymouth Brethren

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  1. I visited your site to check out the theologians against tithes and I would like to add two names of great preachers who have podcast and radio call in shows here in the West of the United states.
    Greg Koukl and Steve Gregg both oppose Church tithing. I have come to love these two radio call in shows. My former favorite was the Bible Answer Man with Hank Hannagraph however my great brother Hank supports Church tithing somewhat.

  2. Here are the two links to my two current favorite radio preachers. John Macarthor is also My favorite I finished his book the Jesus that you cant Ignore and Watchman Nee’s Normal Christian life. I am also getting into Keith Green the singer see you later!

    Is Tithing For Christians? – The Narrow Path…/... – Cached

    Stand to Reason: Should Christians Tithe?

    1. Thanks Freewillgiver! I appreciate your comments! Can you also post a correction to the link that shows it was “Cached”? I don’t know what happened there but would love to visit that link.

      Thanks so much and God Bless!

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