History of the Christian Church

Communio Sanctorum is an outstanding resource, a podcast produced by Lance Ralston.

From his website Santorum.us  he says “Communio Sanctorum is Latin for “The Communion of Saints.”  This site is the blog companion for the podcast Communio Sanctorum, a weekly podcast on the History of the Christian Church.

Church History can be a complex and confusing subject with endless lists of names, dates, and issues. The podcast is an attempt to give believers a popular and non-academic review of church history in a manageable format with episodes that are under a half hour.

While the Latin phrase Communio Sanctorum has been in use for centuries, the German pastor and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s dissertation was titled Sanctorum Communio. Written at the age of only 21, the book is a monumental tome describing Bonhoeffer’s ideas on the work of the Spirit in the Church building a community of the redeemed.”

If you love learning and would like to know more about the history of the Christian Church this is a wonderful resource you’ll no doubt greatly enjoy.

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